Burger & Philly Steak

Burger & Philly Steak2018-03-01T16:06:27+00:00

1/2 lb Burger

Served on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and onion


1/2 lb Philly Steak

Chopped beef or chicken served on a steak roll with lettuce, tomato, and onion


Add Cheese for 25¢

american, provolone, swiss, mozzarella, or wiz

Add Veggies for 25¢

fried onions, onion rings, roasted reds, or bell peppers

Add Extras for 95¢

mushrooms, bacon, ham, pepperoni, or pork roll

Pick Your Sauce

buffalo, garlic buffalo, honey mustard, mayo, bbq, marinara, petal sauce, or oil & vinegar